Art supply Review

Today I thought I would do a review on art supplies that I use and what I think is good about them xx 1. Acrylic paint:Pèbèo acrylic The acrylic paint that I use is pébéo acrylic paint you can usually find it at your local hobby craft or online. It is £25 for a pack... Continue Reading →


Tiger Tattoo drawing !!!

For my art homework we were asked to draw a detailed and tonal tattoo drawing of a tattoo we would maybe get or create for someone else I chose a tiger because it would be a challenge for me.( At the moment it is not finished but will be in a couple of days and will... Continue Reading →

My POP ART Portrait !!

This is my pop art portrait that we had to create from pictures of ourself. Equipment: Acrylic paint Thin Derwent paintbrush Derwent paintbrush set   1.   2. xxx    

My Horse drawing !!

For my art homework we were asked to draw an animal of our choice in full detail and tone here is what mine looked like step by step. Here is a list of equipment hat I used: HB pencil Derwent academy rubber charcoal pencil 6B pencil blender 1. 2.    


They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. - Andy Warhol Today I am going to be writing interesting facts on 5 different pop artists throughout time in art class a few months ago we were asked to do a project on pop art and ever since I have... Continue Reading →

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